About Us


My name is Renee Whitlock-Hemsouvanh. I am the codirector of  Community Preschool. I have been working with children my entire life. I have earned degree in Child Development and Early childhood Education. I understand your journey to find just the right program for your child. We are dedicated to ensuring a high quality experience for not only your child but your family as a whole.
Preschool is the beginning of your child’s educational career second only to the important, learning and relationships shared between parent and child. I believe that devoted teachers, caring parents and eager children, can together explore the wonder and possibilities during the time we are together. We are working toward the common goal of preparing our children for the world and life ahead.


Jenny  is a Co-Director and the pedagogical coordinator for Community Preschools. She received her Masters in Education from Sarah Lawrence College in 2002. Realizing the incredible importance of the first five years of life she focused on early childhood education.  Jenny taught Preschool at Purple Circle School In Manhattan NY.  After moving back to California she continued teaching at Old Firehouse School in Mill Valley.Jenny supports the staff in using project work to guide the curriculum. It is through the children’s ideas, interests and discoveries that the curriculum emerges, projects are created and all areas of learning are fostered. Through careful observation and diligent documentation we create a scaffolding to support each child’s development.  Each group of children bring their own ideas that inspire the classroom projects and push learning to new heights. Jenny feels it is the teacher’s role to create an environment that excites and engages children to gain knowledge.  Teacher’s co-construct learning with the children by encouraging inquiry and investigation of the world around them. It is the educator’s role to build deep meaningful relationships with the children allowing them to confidently navigate their environments. Education is ever evolving; it is the pedagogical coordinators job to stay at the forefront of this change by continuing professional development and collaboration with colleagues. The pedagogical coordinator works closely with teachers, parents and students to ensure the best learning experience.



 My name is Joe LeBlanc and I am a Bay Area native, born and raised in San Jose, California, where I began my career working with children at the YMCA. I received my BA from Sonoma State University in Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Throughout my twenty years of experience working with children, I have had the opportunity to explore the marvels of Early Education in a variety of settings ranging from university programs to local and state funded preschools. Appreciating that each child is an individual with their own ideas, inspirations, and cultural backgrounds is my primary influence to facilitate an environment that promotes exploration and collaboration. I recently completed a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Sonoma State University and I have spent the last two years working with children that have special needs, which has broadened my outlook of how children develop. I am honored to have the opportunity to be the director at Humboldt Community Preschool where I am excited to grow with the children and families in this emerging program. 


  Amanda has been working in the Community Preschools organization since 2013, and is elated to continue at Humboldt Community Preschool for the second year. Growing up in San Jose and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Studies at San Francisco State University, Amanda has over fifteen years experience working with young children in various settings around the Bay Area. Ranging from supporting homeless families in transitional housing to outdoor garden education, Amanda’s diverse experiences with young children serve to inform her of the significance of early childhood education and how it can significantly and positively impact children’s lives. Amanda has completed extended coursework in Child Development, and continues to broaden her professional development through study and attendance of conferences. She is passionate about developing relationships with children and families, and is honored to have the opportunity to observe children as they approach the world with curiosity and wonder. Working within the Reggio-Emilia inspired philosophy continues to expand Amanda’s understanding of the potential for children to construct their own knowledge, and the amazing things that happen when they are trusted to explore with freedom and creativity.   


I am originally from Bogota, Colombia and I always had a love for children. This passion influenced my decision for my major and future careers. I received a degree in Human Development and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University. I also studied at Aix Marseille Universite fac de lettres in Aix- en-Provence, France where I became fluent in French. I have worked in many diverse settings with children between three months old to nine years old. I started my Early Childhood work experience at Let’s Play in Spanish as a teacher assistant. At this position, I was able to work with children between the ages of 3-9yrs old and help teach Spanish through music and dancing. Music, puppet shows and games help children attain new language skill as well immerse themselves into different cultures. I further expanded my knowledge at Anova Center for Education where I acquired familiarity with children who have disabilities in a full inclusion classroom. Through this experience I was able to comprehend the importance of understanding and providing a one-on-one education. My journey continued at the Early Learning Institute where I gained the knowledge and abilities for healthy early intervention. I was a bilingual home visitor that assisted a child’s developmental needs as well as educate the parents on the significance of early intervention. I am excited to continue my passion for children at Humboldt Community Preschool and I look forward to all the new relationships I will create with students, parents and coworkers.



My name is Juliane Riegel, I am the newest member to the Humboldt Community Preschool teaching team. I am originally from Munich, Germany which is where I first explored my passion for the Early Childhood Education field through volunteering in my community. I conducted after-school peer and play groups, as well as hiking, sailing, and nature trips abroad for small groups of four to nine year-olds from a diversity of challenged backgrounds. After receiving my Abitur diploma with an emphasis on English as a Second Language and Biology, I moved to Hanoi and was not only able to immerse myself in a culture as rich and vibrant as the Vietnamese one, but also extended my appreciation for facilitating meaningful learning experiences and exploration well beyond the spoken word. I spent my time in Asia as an Early Childhood Educator and ESL Instructor at a number of local preschools deepening my understanding of child development and gaining insight into other cultures’ teaching philosophies. My journey led me to YES-Kids English language schools, where I was responsible for developmentally appropriate ESL curriculum design before starting the next chapter of my professional career here in the U.S. I am currently continuing my education in Child Development at Santa Rosa Junior College and am very excited to contribute my international background to our emerging program here at Community Preschools.